Spokeo Review Is It Really The Best Background Checking Service?

So, unless you are a professional who actually knows what he or she is doing, you may have been totally duped into thinking that this person had no criminal history. The truth is that you will never find my marriage record, because those records are not public in the state that I got married in. I deeply appreciate their transparency with regard to things such as criminal records, educational background, and marriage records. They got my current address right ; they had my month and year of birth right ; and they picked out who my wife is pretty easily. They also had some details about my house, which was not in the Intelius report. After digging around the website, however, I learned that this also signed me up for monthly access.

If you plan to conduct lots of background checks on an ongoing basis, it’s often worth looking for a deal like this. Spokeo recommends using their service to stop unwanted calls and texts. You can use a reverse phone lookup to get in touch with them directly.

Learn About Potential Dates or Friends

Someone who lies about their employment may also be lying about other things. Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband. The information that is generated by this service is always accurate. While it does cost extra, it is certainly worth the additional expense.


If this doesn’t work, try telling them that you need their email address to forward something to them. You could also think about what they like to do or where they like to shop and offer to send them a coupon code. The company is compliant with all laws and takes the safety and security of its users very seriously.

The software provides information that is collected from state, federal, and county data sources. Jocelyn is a writer for Super Easy, who has a great passion for computers, technology and linguistics. She enjoys searching for useful information and writing tutorials to help people solve their problems. Before coming on board with Super Easy, Jocelyn worked as a translator (Chinese-English-French) and editor for a high profile news agency and as a translator for an import/export company. She’s also worked in content maintenance for one of the world’s biggest universities, and as a French teacher.When she’s not writing, she’s obsessed with music, podcasts and DIY projects. One effective way to narrow down the search results is by enclosing the phone number in quotation marks.

I’ve been looking for more info on someone online a while ago, and I only had their email address. Spokeo seemed to have been one of the main places to reverse-search email addresses, so I gave it a try. However, off the bat I was pretty suspicious, as it demanded I sign up for a free trial and pay for the report, so I held it off until I decided I needed to obtain more info at all costs. I was doing background checks and everyone including myself had no recent information. My parents had moved once in 40 years and Spokeo information said they moved 4 times and cities they were never have lived in.

The site will automatically go through billions of sources to find the data you are looking for. With an A+ BBB rating and hundreds of positive Spokeo reviews, the intelligence service has helped millions of people connect with old friends and even prevent online fraud. Then in site or domain, type in the domain of a dating website where you suspect the individual would be on (e.g. tinder.com).

You can purchase a one month subscription to Spokeo for $13.95 or three months for $7.95. This is far cheaper than a vast majority of people search websites that exist today. You also have WantMatures popularity the option of paying for six months of this service for just $4.95. You have the option of paying with any major credit card or PayPal, so there are plenty of payment options available.

Truthfinder has a mobile app to make background searches even more accessible. They also make it easy for customers to cancel their memberships at any time — you can do so on their website or over the phone. Spokeo has earned itself a reputation for being one of the most useful people search websites due to the comprehensive and accurate nature of its reports. If you are currently looking for a way to get detailed information on a particular person or people, this website is a wonderful resource. There are dozens of these sites that exist, but none of them can quite match up to Spokeo as a whole. This site goes above and beyond what you would expect from a people search site.

Spokeo is a people intelligence service founded in 2006 by four Stanford University graduates Harrison Tang, Michael Daly, Eric Liang, and Ray Chen. Despite being one of the newer additions to the people search industry, Spokeo already has over 20 million monthly users. TruthFinder background checks are perfect for social media and… The background check website doesn’t access these records in real time.

From there, you can use the background check service’s search engine to find the person and perform an online dating check. Depending on the service, this will show you their social media accounts, criminal and financial background, and a wealth of other personal details. When the founders realized that users were willing to pay to look up other users, they pivoted to becoming a people search engine in 2010. Although there were existing, well-entrenched players in the market, Spokeo quickly established itself as one of the best people search sites. Currently the company’s searches pull data from over 14 billion records, aggregated from public records and other publicly available data, to present users with easy-to-read profiles.